How to take care of your Canvas Wardrobe?

canvass wardrobeOver time, canvas wardrobes have become a trendy and environmentally-friendly form of furniture to use in the home or office. Their quality has greatly improved and they are light in weight but sturdy for lengthy use in storage. The best part of canvas wardrobes is that they are much cheaper than other types of wardrobes no matter what size you pick. They are easy to move around and offer great variety when it comes to positioning within the home. When storing clothes, not only do they provide a closeted space for organization and protection from elements such as dust, lint, light, and insects, they also breathe which means your clothes will not get moldy from being enclosed without air for long periods.

When you do buy a canvas wardrobe, its size is what largely determines whether you will be able to assemble it yourself or whether you will need professional help. Either way, most come in an easy to transport kit which can be assembled in the comfort of your home by following a simple set of instructions.

Before you purchase a canvas wardrobe, you need to take a few things into consideration:

  1. What size do you need to fit all your items comfortably?

If you will be using it for storage of clothes, shoes, and other personal items in the bedroom, then pick out a large double wardrobe. If it is simple small items, a smaller sized one will suffice.

  1. Where will you be using it for storage?

If it is at home, will it be in the kitchen, the laundry room, the bedroom, or the dining room? Once you do decide this, then you can pick out a canvas wardrobe that has the right amount of shelves, racks, pockets/pouches, hooks, or baskets.

  1. What kind of environment will the canvas wardrobe be in?

If it is a very damp area, you should pick out a canvas wardrobe whose frames will not rust or absorb the humidity as most metals and woods are prone to. If it is a very hot place, plastic may not last long and may be weakened by the continuous heat which makes it melt slowly.

Maintenance Of Canvas Wardrobes

Cleaning and ensuring your canvas wardrobe lasts long is not a difficult process. All you need to do is ensure you:

Clean the canvas cover itself with warm water and a soft brush when the need arises. If it is a small spot, then wiping that particular area with a damp cloth will be enough.

– Ensure you remove the canvas from its metal frame to avoid exposing the frame to water over and over again. If you do begin cleaning the canvas while it is still one the frame for support, then at least ensure you remove it once done with cleaning so it can dry on a clean, flat surface like your floor. Wipe down the metal frame and let it dry properly

– Always rinse your canvas wardrobe properly to avoid leaving any detergent deposits which will leave unsightly marks and damage it. Check the product label for any special instructions on cleaning.

– If you are in a damp environment, you can prevent mildew from forming on the canvas by using a simple homemade solution that contains white vinegar and plain water in equal proportions. Spray this on the canvas wardrobe when it is drying out or being aired and you will be surprised by the results.

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